Industrial Crank tables. Tailor made just the way you like it!

To us, there is no doubt that these industrial tables are eyecatchers. Crank tables combine our two favorite design styles – industrial modern and rustic. While originally designed for the dining room, the ability to adjust the industrial table height allows these crank tables to be used as desks, gathering tables, bar tables, and more.

Our tables are constructed of two main materials: iron and solid wood. Iron is used to form a base that can withstand immense pressure, while solid wood is employed to create beautifully rustic table tops.

Bring your muscles to the table

We use reclaimed iron for all of our crank table bases. The use of iron not only brings in industrial elements, but also ensures that the base is sturdy, the gears remain functioning, and the industrial table is tip-resistant. The iron we use are industrial, bold and heavy pieces of metal, this is the real deal! To move this industrial table you need to bring some real muscles.

Choose your base color

Okay let’s be honest. There are many beautiful industrial tables for sale. Industrial is popular for a reason and it doesn’t seem that the industrial look is going to disappear any time soon. But you want something unique! You really want something different in the industrial style that you like so much. The base of this industrial Crank table can be ordered in any color. Give us your color code and we will make it for you. Your industrial table will fit prefectly in your interior or match your corporate identity. Prefer a black base? The base itself is already an eye-catcher that makes the difference anyway.

Choose your topping

Solid wood is a quintessential material for any high quality rustic industrial table top. We opt to use several different species of wood for our industrial tables: Life edge Acacia and mango wood.
Acacia wood, is found growing in forests throughout the world. The species we use, Babul Acacia, has a variety of uses, from medicinal ingredients to carpentry material.
Acacia wood is an incredibly durable hardwood with a natural contrast. A life edge accacia wooden table top provides the ultimate Bali-style, combine this with a sturdy industrial base and you’ve got something special!
With a Janka hardness rating of 2,300 pounds, Acacia wood is incredibly well suited for daily use and is naturally water and rot resistant.

Mango wood is derived from the mango tree. This is the same tree that produces the sweet fleshy fruit known as ‘a mango’. The natural colour of mango wood is light to golden brown. However, mango wood is often beautifully discoloured due to ‘spalting’. This effect is desired by artisans who work with wood.

Spalted mango wood contains streaks of colour ranging from light beige to black, but also including green and yellow tones. Mango wood is also receptive to wood staining, which produces rich deep brown colours. Mango wood also shows prominent grain patterns, similar to oak and mahogany.