Our Aviators: a complete collection of statement pieces, custom made to your space

Your Aviator design is not just any piece of furniture, these pieces are the eyecatchers in your home or office. Your Aviator furniture piece has to suit your style and space using the right colors, dimensions and finishes.

At Boola Boola we can make your Aviators custom made to your home or office space. Let us know what custom finishes you would like or ask us how to style your home or office with our Aviator, industrial & art collections.

Leather & aluminum finish

Which color matches your interior?

Do you prefer to see your maverick chair finished in brown or black leather? Which aluminum finish matches your style? You can choose a high gloss, brass, gold or black finish apart from the standard semi gloss. Let us know what youir thoughts are, you are welcome to contact us.


Semi gloss

Custum sizes

Big family or messy desk policy? At Boola Boola we can customize any design with the measurements to fit your exact needs.

    • Any piece from our collection in any custom made measurement
    • Add or remove doors, drawers and open spaces
    • lefthanded? no problem we manufacture your desk reversed
Aviator bookcase Blackhawk
Aviator book cabinet

The Aviator collection