The Blackhawk collection

About our Aviator Blackhawk furniture

The Aviator Blackhawk collection is a range inspired by two different military aircraft, melded together in one cool design. The rounded edges and unique drawer handles are reminiscent of the curved lines of the Black Hawk helicopter while the Spitfire finish takes its cue from the famous Spitfire fighter plane.
Standard finishing is, exactly like the airplane, with pop rivets on semi gloss aluminium. These  visible stainless-steel rivets simulate the outer skin of vintage aircraft. Options include stealth (matt black), chrome or gold finish. Finishing can also be done with headless nails for an extra smooth look.
Each Aviator Blackhawk furniture piece is a unique piece of art with its own, handcrafted characteristics. Every piece of Aviator furniture will vary slightly in appearance. Aluminum is a soft, durable material and minor scratches/scuffs are a feature – not a defect.
Urban and industrial, these pieces look great either holding their own in outstanding style or grouped together with other members of the Black Hawk family for extra visual impact. Our Aviator Blackhawk collection also features a beautiful desk, bookcases and cabinets available in standard options or custom-made for your home or office.
Each Aviator Blackhawk cabinet, desk or bookcase can be ordered in exactly the measurements fitting your space (bigger or smaller), adding doors or handles or make your desk left handed. Would you like to see more of our Aviator designs? The Aviator Trunk collection is something special as well!